So… umm… hello again?

The last attempt to get a blog going was so successful that I only ever made 1 post. In 2 years. And I didn’t even complete the subject of the post. Well done Charlie *slow clap*. Typical.

I’ve never been one for starting a project and be consistent with it. Back in the early days of Twitter I participated in multiple “daily” project, where I posted daily, kinda, not really. Although I did manage to keep a 100-streak! Still proud of that.

Anyway, let’s start again… oh boy. Hello! My name is Charlie and welcome to the place I want to vomit my thoughts. I want to talk about gaming things, things that annoy me, things I love, things that make me go hmmm. I want somewhere to post my work and projects and I will eventually make a proper site to host my work. As sites like Flickr have changed for the worst and I really can’t bothered to continue using DeviantART. I used to use those sites to host my Photography and Graphic Design work respectively. If you want to follow my life closely, though, I do still regularly use Twitter and Instagram (not for selfies, who do you think I am?). Also to hell with writing properly, as you may have notice I’m not that good but maybe I’ll get better. Don’t expect professional level writing skills.

What else do I do? Since March 2018 I started streaming video games regularly on Twitch. That has been a load of fun, meeting new people, sharing my experience with people, having nice chats and discussions with people. I have used that platform to finally force myself to play through my huge gaming backlog. I previously made lists but only ever went through a handful before I end up sticking to either Destiny, Minecraft or GTA Online. I have many plans for my Twitch channel and I am excited to unveil them soon. Hey, there’s an idea for a future post!

Let’s wrap up for now so I have more stuff to talk about in future posts. And I do hope I can be more regular on here. Please follow me on Twitter and Instagram. Check out my Twitch channel, I stream mainly on Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday & Sunday. And stay tuned for more CONTENT to come! Probably.