Hello and welcome to my place of thought-venting. This is where shall be opening my mind to talk about all kinds of wondrous things, like; my opinion on the video games I have played, my controversial thoughts to hotly debated topics, my concerns on world affairs, my activities of my day-to-day life, my adventures outside of the safety of home, my dull life, and my projects and work.

For the benefit of those who may not know, let us start from the beginning. God created the Heavens and the Earth. Then some time afterwards I came along. Hello, my name is Charlie Dunn, better known as iChazzer. I am 27 and live in the middle of nowhere, also known as the beautiful country of Wales. I am also a crazy cat man (as you will see from my Instagram). For over 12 years I have been creating and making stuff on the internet. Started my career making music videos and stop-motion animations and now I spend my time being a freelance Graphic Designer, an avid photographer, a crazy video gamer and the other half of a mad man.

This site will be temporary while I build my proper website but I couldn’t wait much longer for an outlet. I have a means to show my designs, photos, videos but nowhere really to talk at length about stuff I want to talk about. I also want a better place than Twitter to centralise my creative content. Having my own Facebook Page failed so who knows, this might fail too. Anyway, my English writing isn’t the best (I got a C grade in my GCSEs) so expect to see these posts badly structured and my grammar to suck but hopefully, that will improve over time. I am excited for this and I hope you will look forward to seeing what’s inside my wacky mind.


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